The average Twin Cities tech worker earns almost 6 figures

The Twin Cities are ranked as the 17th best metro for tech talent.
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The average Twin Cities tech worker earns $93,700.

That's according to a study by CBRE, which this week ranked North America's most thriving tech markets.

No surprises that San Francisco, home to Silicon Valley, Palo Alto etc. is the number one in that list, but the $125,700 average wage in the Bay Area has to stretch a lot further considering average rent there is almost $3,000-a-month.

In Minneapolis, it's $1,300-a-month, far more manageable for the average tech worker whose wages are closing in on six-figures.

Each metro was ranked by 13 different metrics by CBRE, that determines the tech market's depth, vitality and attractiveness.

The Twin Cities ranked 17th, which is pretty good considering that's one place ahead of the massive urban hub that is Chicago.

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The tech market is still relatively small in the Twin Cities, comprising just 4.7 percent of total jobs. This compares to the top three of San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C., where that figure is more than 8 percent.

As a result, the Twin Cities has a "brain drain," where there are 5,800 more trained tech workers in the metro area than there are tech jobs.

It follows an increase in the tech talent labor pool of 11.5 percent between 2012-17, adding 9,400 potential workers during that period.

You can find the full report here.

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