Congress, president strike deal to end government shutdown for 3 weeks

A deal has been struck between President Trump and Congress.
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The federal shutdown is coming to an end, at least for the next three weeks.

That's according to President Donald Trump, who announced a deal between the White House and Congress that would see government operations resume until Feb. 15.

There has been a partial shutdown since Dec. 22, with 800,000 federal workers either having to continue working without pay, or being furloughed.

It comes after a morning in which operations were affected at airports because of rising absence levels among air traffic controllers. This led to delays in arrivals at LaGuardia in New York, as well as airports in Philadelphia and Newark, New Jersey. 

The exact terms of the deal to reopen the government have not yet been revealed, though MPR notes it doesn't include funding for the border wall with Mexico.

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In his speech announcing the end to the shutdown, the president said that furloughed and unpaid workers "will receive their back pay very quickly or as soon as possible."

And while no money specifically for the border wall is included in this deal, the president did say the deal includes provisions for a bipartisan group to put together a package of border security provisions.

Funding for a border wall is likely to be revisited in three weeks' time, with the president showing no sign of dropping his demands for one during his speech.

He said that if no deal is in place for border wall funding by Feb. 15, he could use executive powers to get the money.

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