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While summer in Minnesota can mean sunny, warm days, it can also deliver storms with wind, hail, and rain. When stormy weather does hit, it can damage your home, tearing up shingles, beating up gutters, and destroying siding.

As an expert roofing company specializing in storm restoration, Hoffman Weber Construction is pleased to provide you with guidance on how to repair the damage and restore your home to its original (or even better) condition.

What can water damage, hail damage, and wind damage can do to my home’s value? 

Wind and hail can damage shingles meant to protect your roof from the sun and create a watertight seal. Once the damage occurs, bald spots, cracked or curled shingles can result, making your home vulnerable to water damage. Even worse, hail damage can void your shingle manufacturer’s warranty.

If you fail to have the damage to your roof repaired and additional damage occurs, it can significantly reduce your home’s value. 

What should I know before getting my roof replaced?

If a storm has compromised your roof’s integrity, you’ll want to make sure it’s repaired or replaced immediately. Signs of structural damage include:

  • Water leaking into your home
  • Visibly cracked/damaged shingles
  • Mold in your home
  • Spikes in energy costs

Begin the roof restoration process by having a reliable, licensed roofing company assess the damage. It’s wise to have several contractors submit bids on potential repair or replacement costs.

Once you’ve gathered bids and chosen a contractor, it’s time to begin working with your insurance company to determine coverage, deductibles, materials and more. A reputable roofing company will work with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure the necessary repairs are completed in a professional, timely, and cost-effective manner. 

Where do I find reliable roofers near me?

Ask any Minnesota homeowner, and they’ll tell you, once the storm subsides the storm chasers appear. Storm chasers are contractors who show up at your door uninvited offering to give you a free damage assessment. While they’re not always bad news, a superior restoration pro works to build their reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality work so that customers come looking for them.

If you need a dependable roofer in your area, ask friends and family for referrals. Additionally, an online search can offer reviews from previous customers that reveal which companies deliver on their promises, and which companies to avoid. 

What should I look for in a roofing company?

When choosing a roofing contractor, it’s important to find a company that meets the following criteria:

  • Excellent work. Demonstrated history producing quality work.
  • Experience. In business for many years, if not decades.
  • Reputation. Positive testimonials from past customers.
  • Strong working relationships with insurance companies. Experience working with insurance companies to expedite the process on your behalf.
  • Final inspection. Willingness to perform a final inspection to ensure that the work meets the highest industry standards.
  • Warranty. A company that stands behind the work they perform and the materials they use.
  • Certifications, memberships, and awards. Industry recognition that the roofing company stands out in their field.
  • Responsiveness and customer service. On-going, professional communication and responsiveness to questions/concerns.

Hoffman Weber Construction meets and often exceeds these standards. If you need roof repair or restoration, we’d be happy to help. Book your Free Storm Damage Inspection from Hoffman Weber Construction today.

(Be sure to ask how you can earn between $250-$500 with our Hoffman Weber Construction Referral Program!) 

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