There was a huge increase in drugs seized in Minnesota in 2019

Meth, cocaine and heroin seizures all rose.
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There was a significant rise in the amount of certain drugs seized by authorities in Minnesota in 2019.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety released the results of the drug hauls taken by the state's Violent Crime Enforcement Teams last year.

There were significant rises in seizures of meth, heroin, cocaine, prescription pills, and hashish or cannabis wax.

The only category that dropped in 2019 was seizures of marijuana.

Seizures of meth rose for the 12th year in a row, with 1,706 pounds claimed by law enforcement, a 49 percent increase on 2018 when 1,145 pounds were seized.

Seizures of cocaine meanwhile almost doubled, from 59 pounds in 2018 to 106 pounds last year, while heroin seizures more than doubled.

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The increase of prescription pill seizures was significantly up on 2018, but was much lower than the massive 214,429 pounds seized in 2017 and 58,578 pounds in 2016.

Regarding meth, the DPS says that much of the drug is coming from Mexican drug trafficking organizations, with Minnesota-based production having all-but disappeared in the past two decades.

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At the height of the meth lab problem in 2003, there were 410 seized, the DPS said. Last year there were only four.

The rise in marijuana concentrate seizures, in the form of hashish or marijuana wax, has been attributed to importation from states that have legalized marijuana.

As for heroin seizures, much of the drug that has been taken by law enforcement contains the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl, which has driven the increase in fatal opioid overdoses in Minnesota in recent years.

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