Thieves break into truck belonging to Minnesota Legal Marijuana Now candidate

Michael Ford preparing to head to a parade when he discovered the break in.
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A candidate for state auditor in Minnesota had his truck broken into over the weekend.

Michael Ford, who is running for the Legal Marijuana Now party, made the discovery on Saturday morning, with thieves striking overnight and taking the stereo from his truck parked outside his home near Midway in St. Paul.

But even more inconveniently, they also stole the event bins, campaign buttons and shirts that he was due to hand out at the Harvest Festival Parade along St. Paul's Payne Avenue on Saturday.

The theft hit the candidate hard, with Ford writing on Facebook: "Those of you that know me know I don't have much. I work extremely hard for little to nothing and have been struggling just to keep doing the work I do.

"I don't know what to do at this point."

As for the parade, he added: "I have a few sponsored shirts left and I'm going to do exactly what I said and give them away. I'm just completely lost right now and struggling to stay positive."

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A GoFundMe campaign set up for Ford in the wake of the theft says that Ford pays for most of his campaign materials out of his own pocket as he fights "to end marijuana prohibition."

Ford is running for state auditor against Republican Pam Myhra and DFLer Julie Blaha. 

He's running on a platform of legalizing home-grown marijuana, wiping past marijuana convictions, and ending employer drug testing for cannabis.

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