Thieves go on house, car burglary spree in Roseville

Homeowners are warned to secure their property.
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Residents in Roseville had a really nasty shock Friday morning when burglars broke into their cars and homes while they slept.

Roseville Police Department says it received multiple calls from residents after break-ins and vehicle thefts in the early hours of the day.

One resident living near Chandler Avenue and Glenwood Avenue told police that at around 5:15 a.m. they heard someone open their front door and saying, "Hello?" before fleeing.

Around the same time, on the 400 block of Glenwood Avenue, a person woke up and heard someone walking around their house, confronting a dark figure with a flashlight who then fled.

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As the morning went on, police received more burglary calls as local homeowners woke up to find their possessions gone.

This included a family on 1700 block of Alameda Avenue who say the thieves entered their home, stealing electronics and car keys.

They then drove off with a Chevy Silverado and Cadillac SUV in the garage.

This heat map shows where the burglars targeted.

This heat map shows where the burglars targeted.

The homeowners' surveillance system caught 3 individuals on bikes arrive around 2 a.m., with their stolen vehicles being driven off around a half-hour later.

A number of additional attempted burglaries and thefts from cars were reported by others in nearby neighborhoods.

Police said that in several of the reported cases, the thieves found unsecured doors, windows and vehicles, and is issuing a warning to all residents to securely lock their property.

Anyone with information should call Roseville PD on 651-792-7008.

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