Thieves steal vital orchid cactus during garden center break-in

The plant was not for sale, as it's used to propagate others.
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A garden center in Stacy, Minnesota, is appealing for the return of a vital plant that was stolen in an overnight break-in.

The theft happened on Sunday night at Wayne's Greenhouses and Garden Center, which is located just off of I-35 about 40 miles north of the Twin Cities.

According to a Facebook post by the business, among the "many stolen" plants was a large pink orchid cactus basket. 

The theft of this plant was particularly upsetting for the garden center as it was not for sale, being used for display only.

That's because it's the "mother plant," which the garden center uses to propagate plants from for the next year.

Wayne's Greenhouse took its appeal public with pictures of the cactus, in the hope someone may have seen it, saying the chances of "tracking down the thief, 12” basket and the many other plants they took are rare."

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