Thin ice warning after pickup crashes through lake in southern Minnesota

Temperatures are projected to get even warmer this weekend too.
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A year ago this week Minnesota was experiencing the effects of the Polar Vortex. Fast-forward to today, and conditions aren't nearly so cold.

It's why, then, there have been incidents such as the one reported on Lake Hanska in southern Minnesota Monday afternoon.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office says that the incident was reported around 2 p.m., with the pickup going through the ice near the Godahl landing.

Fortunately, both occupants were able to get out of the vehicle and to safety, with nobody injured in the incident.

But the pickup ended up being partially submerged, with arrangements being made to retrieve it from the water.

It comes after a period of unseasonable warmth in Minnesota, with daytime temperatures in the southern half of the state sticking in the 20s and 30s for the past week.

Things are only get warmer too, with the forecast for the Twin Cities this weekend calling for a high of 39 on Sunday, so we can expect considerable melting.

"The Brown County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind those who use the lakes and rivers during the winter months of the current thin ice conditions on many local area lakes and rivers in Brown County," the sheriff's office says.

"Refrain from driving on ice whenever possible. If you must drive a vehicle, keep your windows down and be prepared to leave it in a hurry."

The Minnesota DNR's guidelines for new ice is 4 inches thickness for ice fishing or activities on foot, 5 inches for a snowmobile or ATV, 8-12 inches for a car or small pickup, and 12-15 inches for a medium truck.

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