Third family member dies following wrench attack in Maple Grove

A mentally ill man allegedly killed his sister, mother, and grandmother.
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Eleanor and Linda Ekers.

Eleanor and Linda Ekers.

A wrench attack carried out by a mentally ill man on his own family has now claimed its third victim.

David Ekers, has been charged with murder in connection with the July 8 attack at a home in Maple Grove, with his grandmother Darlene Broste having been confirmed dead at the scene.

His sister, Eleanor Ekers, died in a hospital two weeks later, and on Wednesday it was confirmed on a CaringBridge page that his mother, 63-year-old Linda Ekers, has also died from her injuries.

Updates on the page detailed how Linda's injuries were so severe that she was unlikely to recover, and almost three weeks after the attack was "showing no visible sign of consciousness other than breathing."

"Linda very peacefully stepped into heaven," the Wednesday update said.

"While we struggle with our earthly loss, she is celebrating a victory. She's reunited with loved ones and in the presence of our Lord Jesus. Thank you for continued prayers of peace and comfort."

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The 34-year-old David Ekers has been charged with his grandmother's murder already, with attempted murder charges filed for the attacks on his sister and mother. These are now set to be increased to murder.

The criminal complaint against Ekers says he has mental health issues, and he told officers he wanted to kill his family members "because he did not want to be on medication or go back to the hospital."

"The defendant stated that his mother had thought something was wrong the day before and wanted him to go to the hospital."

He says he didn't attack his father because he saw him "as an ally." He struck his sister, mother and grandmother multiple times with a wrench.

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