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This girls' T-shirt from Target celebrating science and Marie Curie is a hit

"Props to Target for carrying girls clothes with something other than ponies and princesses," one father wrote.

Marie Curie – off the top of your head, do you know what she accomplished?

You can check Target's girls' apparel section for the answer, as one delighted father recently found out.

"Props to Target for carrying girls clothes with something other than ponies and princesses," wrote Reddit user jb69029 Monday morning

Jb69029 – whose real name is Justin Barr – posted that message with a photo of his 4-year-old daughter, Giulia, wearing a girls' T-shirt that celebrates Curie.

"Stay curious," it says on the front beneath a bubbling beaker and test tubes. While on the back, it explains (in brief) some of Curie's accomplishments.

Barr told GoMN his daughter picked it out Saturday on her own, while shopping with her mom.

Giulia was "all proud that she picked out a shirt with 'potions' on it," Barr said. "We explained to her how beakers are used and who Marie Curie was. She loves the shirt!"

The post was an enormous hit on Reddit, getting more than 57,000 upvotes and 3,000-plus comments as it rocketed up the front page.

Barr said in replies she also has princess and pony shirts, as well as Captain America and Superman shirts.

And she's shown an interest in science.

"Actually last year, out of the blue, she said you have to get into a rocket ship to fly to Mars because it's way far in outer space," he replied. "I guess she saw it on TV but we were stunned that she knew that. We hadn't gotten to the Astrophysics episode of Daniel Tiger yet. 

It's still pink (and other criticisms)

There were still some criticisms of the shirt. Someone pointed out it is still in the pink color traditionally associated with girls' clothes. (It doesn't appear to be offered in other styles.) 

And one user argued the wording even downplays Curie's accomplishments.

"I don't like the 'first woman' accomplishment," AOEUD wrote. "She was the first person of any gender to receive two Nobel prizes, and one of only two people (and the first) to get two in different fields."

But for Barr, it's a huge plus.

"I'm really happy that they have options like this," he said. "Most of her clothing is My Little Pony and cutesy stuff, which is fine, but I like that there are more options that focus on education and STEM instead of just colors and glitter."

More shirts like this one

The retailer carries a few similar learning-themed shirts. This "future chemist" T, for example, another with books on it, one with the moon phases, and even an explanation of how rainbows happen.

The Curie shirt is part of Target's Cat & Jack line, which launched in 2016 and has been a pretty big hit for the company. The Marie Curie shirts first started popping up this summer.

Target's also taken steps to address gender stereotypes in its stores. 

In 2015 an Ohio mother tweeted a photo of an aisle sign that listed "building sets" and "girls' building sets" separately. Two months later Target announced it was doing away with gender-based signage in some sections, including the toy aisle. And the company's 2016 kids' home line was all about gender-neutral themes.

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