This University of Wisconsin-Superior degree sets you up for a career in big data

UW-Superior offers online master’s program for transforming big data into better insights.
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Technology has enabled connectivity like never before, allowing a wealth of data to be collected.

Businesses and organizations in nearly every industry are looking for professionals with the skills to transform big data into better insights to inform decisions – and these data scientists are in short supply.

Fortunately, the University of Wisconsin-Superior, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin System and UW Extended Campus, offers a program to help individuals meet these new challenges.

The University of Wisconsin Master of Science in Data Science program prepares data science professionals to distill vast stores of complex and unstructured data into actionable insights, improved decision making and competitive advantage.

"The multi-campus nature of this program allowed us to build a truly interdisciplinary curriculum,” said Alex Smith, UW data science academic director.

"In traditional single-campus programs, the data science faculty might be made up mostly of computer science instructors. But because our program draws interested faculty from across the University of Wisconsin System, our instructors bring expertise in computer science, statistics, business management, communication and more. This broad base of knowledge and experience is a big benefit of our multi-campus model."

Master of Science in Data Science

In the competitive world of data science, a master’s degree is a requirement for advanced positions at top companies. The online UW Master of Science in Data Science is the smart choice for busy adults who want to advance their careers – or start a whole new career – but don’t have time for on-campus courses.

With an interdisciplinary curriculum, students learn to harness the power of big data with coursework that not only teaches cutting-edge technology, but also hones highly sought-after professional skills, including-communication, data ethics and leadership.

“I took about six months doing research on every single university that offered data science,” said Venmathi Shanmugam, a graduate of the data science program.

“The UW Data Science curriculum had a little bit of everything, starting from the very basics and establishing a foundation to progressively dive into deeper challenges like machine learning, robotics, advanced programming and advanced statistics. When I learned about how the degree was flexible and online, I felt like it was meant to be.”

The UW Master of Science in Data Science program offers a rigorous curriculum grounded in computer science, math and statistics, management, and communication.

Because courses are fully online, all course content, from multimedia lectures and e-learning tools to homework assignments, is delivered through the program’s online learning management system. This enables students to study when it’s most convenient.

Faculty and advisory board members are leaders in their fields whose expertise determines what is incorporated into the curriculum. With this input from industry leaders, graduates of the program are highly prepared for jobs in data analysis, database administration, big data engineering, data mining and many other fields.

“Data science is ever evolving and it’s never going to get simpler,” said data science program graduate Lucas Newkirk. “You want to jump in now. I have no regrets that I enrolled, and now I am looking forward to where this degree continues to take me.”

Advance your knowledge and career. Discover more about the data science program right here.

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