Thousands take part in Minneapolis 4th of July demonstrations

They included a march to St. Anthony Main and a "Roll 4 Justice."

This 4th of July, thousands in Minneapolis turned out for demonstrations to continue calling for racial equality in the wake of the George Floyd killing. 

The protests happened despite the city having banned gatherings larger than 250 people due to the coronavirus pandemic, though photographs of the events show most participants wearing face masks.

One of the demonstrations was the Roll 4 Justice, which began outside Minneapolis City Hall downtown and ended up at Bde Maka Ska:

Participants included Rep. Ilhan Omar, who shared a tweet from the demonstration at the lake:

Later in the day, crowds wearing black marched from U.S. Bank Stadium to St. Anthony Main for a demonstration called "The Black 4th." As the Star Tribune's Liz Sawyer reported, the evening ended with a fair that included live music, food trucks and other festivities:

The march also stopped at various points to kneel in memory of George Floyd and other victims of police violence:

The Minneapolis demonstrations seemed to conclude without incident, though there were some flare-ups at other similar events across the country Saturday.

In Washington, D.C., there was a "brief but cinematic confrontation" between protesters and supporters of President Donald Trump:

Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, a demonstration calling for equality ended in the arrests of more than half a dozen Black Lives Matter protesters. 

In Portland, Oregon, police declared a riot and arrested at least a dozen demonstrators. 

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