To the owner of this sectional couch, you have until end of Wednesday to fess up - Bring Me The News

To the owner of this sectional couch, you have until end of Wednesday to fess up

The police are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt ... for now.
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Hey, did a sectional couch accidentally drop from the back of your pickup truck while in Renville County this week?

Of course it didn't. This couch has very clearly been dumped in the rural central Minnesota county, given the tire tracks left in the snow backing onto the field where it was left.

But that doesn't mean the Renville County Sheriff's Office isn't willing to accept a more innocent explanation, if only by the end of Wednesday.

In a Facebook post shared almost 1,000 times this week, the sheriff's office says that "some unlucky soul must have accidentally left their tailgate down and lost their entire used sectional sofa in a ditch along a gravel road near Olivia this past weekend!"

"To the owner of this sofa: Breathe a sigh of relief! It's been found! Give us a call, we'll fill you in on where you lost it!"

The message to the owner then gets somewhat more serious, with the sheriff's office adding: "If we hear from you by Wednesday (you should see or hear about this post by then), we'll give you the benefit of the doubt and perhaps you could just reimburse Public Works for their time, equipment and disposal costs?"

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After that, the sheriff's office continues, "count on at least an additional ticket for unlawfully depositing garbage/litter; maybe more."

The rest of Renville County residents have been asked if they recognize the sofa, or do they know of anyone getting rid of their old stuff who might have loaded the couch onto their pickup on Friday or early Saturday morning.

Information leading to the culprit will come with a reward.

"Maybe you could use the reward money toward a new sofa of your own! How ironic would that would be?!?!" the Renville County Sheriff joked.

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