Tonka Bay man gets 13 years in prison after drunken stabbing, home invasion

Paul Youngstedt was charged with using a fish knife to stab a woman.
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A man was convicted of first-degree assault and theft in a Carver County Court Thursday.

Paul Youngstedt, 51, of Tonka Bay, was charged with stabbing a woman he lived with before stealing his neighbor's car in October.

According to a criminal complaint, Youngstedt knocked on his neighbor’s door in Mayer in a drunken state late at night on Oct. 29 to report the 44-year-old woman he lived with had run into a knife.

His neighbor’s husband, a volunteer firefighter, drove to Youngstedt's home because he had a medical kit in his vehicle.

While treating the woman’s wounds, the woman told the neighbor Youngstedt had stabbed her with a fish knife during an argument about how drunk he was. While the two were occupied with treating the wounds and waiting on paramedics, Youngstedt stole the neighbor’s car and fled the area.

Police later found the stolen vehicle in Mound, where Youngstedt had entered a home and told the owners he had "killed someone and there was blood all over." He threatened the owner “she would be next” unless she gave him money and pills. He stopped her as she tried to call 911.

While the owner tried to give him $20 and pain medication, he ended up falling asleep, allowing the woman to climb out the window with her daughter.

Police arrived shortly after, and a SWAT team arrived at around 4 a.m. Youngstedt had barricaded himself in the home and surrendered without incident.

According to court documents, Youngstedt was convicted Thursday of first-degree assault and theft. He was acquitted of a second-degree attempted murder charge. He will serve 160 months in prison. 

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