Train vs. car crash in downtown Minneapolis delays light rail service

The Green and Blue lines were disrupted Saturday evening.

A collision between a car and a light rail train caused some headaches for Minneapolis commuters on Saturday evening. 

The service reported the crash in the late afternoon, and announced that both the Blue and Green lines would be seeing delays while officials sorted the mess out:

A tweet from the scene shows the aftermath of the accident, in which the vehicle — apparently a small SUV — seems to have taken the brunt of the damage:

As of 7:51 p.m., trains were still disrupted, with a followup tweet from Metro Transit saying "we're still working on getting service back to normal." 

According to WCCO, Minneapolis police say there were no injuries in the crash. 

The station says the cause of the crash is under investigation. 

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No passengers were seriously injured during the accident, which halted train service for 35 minutes, though one passenger complained of chest pains. The vehicle's driver was uninjured after driving under a gate arm and striking the side of the train.