Truck hits 3 bridges on Interstate 94 in Minneapolis, forcing closure of pedestrian bridge

The truck crashed into multiple overpasses Monday evening.
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A pedestrian bridge that crosses over Interstate 94 in Minneapolis has been closed after a truck ran into it on Monday, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. 

"One of our pedestrian bridges over I-94 in Minneapolis is going to be out of commission for a while," MnDOT said Tuesday. "A truck struck the 22nd Ave pedestrian bridge near Augsburg University Monday evening. Our crews responded immediately and determined the pedestrian bridge needed to close."

There's no timetable for when the crossing will reopen, but in the meantime MnDOT recommends people who use the 22nd Ave. bridge to use the 25th or 20th Ave. bridges "while we determine how long the bridge will be closed." 

Bicyclists are encouraged to use the Riverside Ave. bridge as an alternative. 

KSTP reports that the same truck went on to hit bridges at 25th Ave. and Riverside Ave. along I-94. The southbound right lane of the 25th Ave. bridge will be closed until Aug. 12 while the Riverside Ave. bridge will stay open. 

No details about the truck involved in the incidents have been released. 

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