Trucker collapses historic bridge, causing up to $1M damage

The truck was significantly over the bridge's weight limit.
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A trucker pulling a trailer loaded with beans caused a historic, 113-year-old bridge to collapse near Grand Forks, North Dakota.

The driver, identified as Michael Dodds, took the 2005 Peterbilt truck tractor across a 56-foot long bridge across the Goose River, around 1.5 miles southwest of Northwood at 1:15 p.m. Monday.

The bridge was rated for 14 ton gross maximum weight. Dodd's truck? It weighed just over 43 tons, according to the Grand Forks County Sheriff's Office.

Unable to take the strain, the bridge buckled in the middle, with Dodd fortunate that his tractor made it to the other side as his trailer dangled. He was uninjured.

The bridge was built in 1906 and on the National Registrar of Historic places, and the estimated cost of replacing the bridge ranges between $800,000 and $1 million.

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The driver was issued with an overload citation of $11,400, though the incident remains under investigation.

The road on which the bridge is located, 3rd Avenue NE, will be closed as a result of the collapse.

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