Trump calls Minnesota "laughingstock" for initial response to unrest; praises Gov. Walz for Saturday's aggressive police response

"They walked right through it like it was butter," he said.
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In President Donald Trump's call with governors Monday, he called Minnesota a "laughingstock all over the world" for its initial response to the civil unrest over the death of George Floyd.

"It was incredible what happened in Minnesota, it was a laughing stock all over the world," he said.

"And I don’t blame you," Trump said during the audio, addressing Gov. Tim Walz. "I blame the mayor [Jacob Frey]."

"I mean I’ve never seen anything like it. Where the police were told to abandon the police house [the 3rd Precinct] and it was ransacked."

The audio obtained by news outlets shows Trump emphasized throughout the call that governors need to "dominate" the protesters with law enforcement.

He called protesters "terrorists," and said governors would look like "jerks" if they didn't jail protesters for "long periods of time." 

In a call with reporters afterwards, Gov. Tim Walz said he responded: "No one is laughing here. We’re in pain, we’re crying. We saw a man lose his life. We saw a man lose his life in front of them and our challenge is that this is about social trust, social compacts and reestablishing faith in the people who are there to serve them.”

“I also shared with the president that a posture of a force on the ground is both unsustainable militarily, it’s also unsustainable socially, because it’s the antithesis of how we live.”

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Trump praised the aggressive approach adopted by Gov. Walz on Saturday night in Minnesota, which he said "made an incredible difference."

"They walked right through it like it was butter," Trump said of the National Guard. "What they did was incredible. They dominated." 

"They just walked right down the street, knocking 'em out with teargas," Trump added.  

Trump begins to mention Minnesota at about 9 minutes and 40 seconds into the audio

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