Trump impeachment: Klobuchar, Smith vote to convict, Senate finds president not guilty

Mitt Romney was the only Republican to vote to convict.
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Both of Minnesota's senators, Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, voted to convict President Donald Trump of both articles of impeachment on Wednesday, but the vote ultimately failed to pass in a split Senate.

Democrats entered Wednesday knowing they needed a 2/3s majority to remove President Trump from office, but with the GOP having a 53-47 majority, it was never likely to happen in what was mostly a partisan vote.

One Republican did break ranks on Article I, abuse of power, which relates to President Trump's efforts to withhold financial aid to Ukraine in exchange for damaging information on Democratic rival, Joe Biden, with Mitt Romney voting "guilty" for a 48-52 split overall.

The vote on Article II, obstruction of Congress, which related to the Trump Administration ignoring requests for documentation and subpoenas as part of the House impeachment investigation, went along partisan lines at 47-53.

Sen. Smith, who has been providing daily notes on the impeachment trial via her Twitter account, said that she would have voted the same had the president been of her own party and whose actions were the same as Trump's.

"I've asked myself whether I'd have voted to remove a President of my own party had they abused their power for personal, political benefit, damaging our elections & nat'l security in the process. It’s easy to say yes when the choice is hypothetical. But the answer is yes.

"Now, we go forward. This trial has changed us, but it doesn’t change the core value of America that no one is above the law, including and most especially the President." 

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