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President Trump tweets support of MN House candidate

The Republican is running to keep her seat in the state legislature.
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A Minnesota legislator and political candidate has earned herself a mention in one of the country's most watched forums: none other than President Donald Trump's Twitter feed.

On Saturday morning, Trump tweeted "Good luck Mary" at state Rep. Mary Franson, along with a retweet of a video she posted in praise of the president earlier this month. 

In Franson's video, she explains that people connect with Trump because he "makes us feel proud to be an American," and adds that they support his "Make America Great Again" policies because "ultimately, when the president succeeds, we all succeed."

Franson, a 41-year-old mother of three who lives in Alexandria, is running for re-election against Democratic challenger Gail Kulp in Minnesota House District 08B. 

On her website, the Republican says she's "led the way to legalize industrial hemp so that farmers have access to another crop market, and has also worked to bring relief to child care workers, and fight child care assistance fraud.

Like President Trump, however, Franson has been known to generate controversy through social media posts. 

In March, she apologized for a Facebook post in which she compared high school students marching against gun violence to "Hitler Youth"; last year, she was called out for transphobic language after tweeting, "A guy who thinks he's a girl is still a guy with a mental health condition."

Kulp, Franson's opponent, says she's fighting to lower healthcare costs for Minnesotans through the MinnesotaCare buy-in, provide appropriate care for seniors, and expand voluntary pre-K education for 3 and 4 year olds.

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