TSA apologizes after agent pulls on Native American woman's braids at MSP Airport

The humiliating incident at the Twin Cities airport caused uproar.
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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reached out and apologized to the tribal attorney who had her braids pulled by an agent as she went through security at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Tara Houska shared her experience on Twitter, saying she was left "humiliated" by her treatment by an agent, who pulled on her braids and said "giddy up" while laughing at the Twin Cities airport Monday morning.

On Tuesday, the TSA issued an updated statement saying that the TSA's Federal Security Director for Minnesota, Cliff Van Leuven, had spoken with Houska and apologized for the "insensitive" actions and comment made by the TSA officer.

"TSA holds its employees to the highest standards of professional conduct and any type of improper behavior is taken seriously," the statement added.

Furthermore, the TSA released a memo that Van Leuven sent to TSA staff at MSP, noting that Houska had expressed a desire that the agent in question didn't get into any trouble, instead requesting that the TSA use it as a teaching moment about the Native American tribes and bands in Minnesota and the Midwest.

"We all make mistakes," Van Leuven wrote. "Treating the public we are sworn to serve and protect with dignity and respect is our calling - every passenger, every day. We’ll learn from this…"

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