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Turmoil in Jackson County over killing of dog named 'Donald Trump'

Social media accounts aren't saying what actually happened, per the local sheriff.
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A picture of Randal Thom's dog "Donald Trump," signed by President Trump.

A picture of Randal Thom's dog "Donald Trump," signed by President Trump.

A dog named after President Donald Trump was shot dead in southwest Minnesota and the local sheriff's department is trying to clarify to the public what led to the dog's death. 

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office says that "inaccurate" social media posts about the death of the dog, called "Donald Trump," have led to threats being made against people in the county.

A GoFundMe was set up on behalf of the Alaskan malamute's owner Randal Thom, who is a devoted supporter of President Trump, has attended more than 40 of his rallies, and is the founder of the "Front Row Joes" who camp out for his events.

The dog was killed on Sunday while Thom, of Lakefield, was protesting the presidential announcement made by Amy Klobuchar in Minneapolis. He returned to find his pet in a field, with it having suffered fatal wounds to its legs, shoulder and back.

The GoFundMe claims that "Donald Trump" was killed by his neighbor – a "hateful Democrat" – because of its name, with the devastated Thom saying his pet "bled out and then froze to death all alone in a nearby farmers field."

But after investigating, the sheriff's office says that the person who shot the dog was "legally protecting their livestock on their private property." 

The sheriff's office says "facts have been misrepresented on social media sites," resulting in multiple threats of violence towards people in the area.

It went on to say that in recent years, local law enforcement has received 14 complaints from Thom's neighbors about his dogs that included attacks on people, pets and livestock.

"They include dogs running at large on a roadway, running at large in a county park, running at large onto neighbor's private property, biting a person who required medical attention, attacking pet dogs, killing goats, killing chickens, killing turkeys, chasing cattle, and chasing deer," the sheriff's office told BMTN.

The complaints have resulted in Thom being served with two Potentially Dangerous Dog Notifications and a pending misdemeanor charge for incidents in which his dogs were involved.

The subsequent threats of violence made towards people in the county are still being investigated by Jackson County authorities. 

We wrote about Thom last month, when on Jan. 5 he was arrested in Storm Lake, Iowa, for causing a disturbance during an appearance by Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

At the time, a local police report accused Thom of attempting to assault people in the crowd. 

According to the GoFundMe, Thom has attended 46 of President Trump's rallies. He also wrote about the time President Trump signed a photo of the dog (the feature image at the top of the story) he named after him. 

“That was the picture i had him sign right after the gop nomination, as he was signing i said, Mr Trump meet Donald J Trump. and he stopped turned to me, and said, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? YOU NAMED THIS BEAUTIFUL PUPPY AFTER ME? I said yes sir and this is my card. because when we win the white house i want to donate Donald to be the very very first Alaskan malamute as the first puppy.. he took my card and said, hey Corey we might be needing this, i said, no sir, you will be needing it as we will be winning the white house.lol”

Lakefield is located about 150 miles southwest of the Twin Cities. 

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