Twin Cities parking returning to normal as winter restrictions end

This means you'll be able to park on the even side of your street again.
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The winter parking rollercoaster in the Twin Cities may finally be coming to an end (that sound you hear is us knocking on wood).

On Thursday, Minneapolis announced it would be ending its winter parking restrictions, allowing drivers to park on the even side of the street again. The parking ban, which has been in place almost a month, will officially end at 10 a.m. on Friday.

This comes a day after St. Paul ended their own one-sided parking restrictions.

Both cities' bans were due to last until April 1, so the announcements come as early good news for people who have had to hunt for parking spots at the end of their commutes everyday. 

Indeed, it's been a tough winter in that regard; on top of the one-sided parking restrictions, drivers had to deal with a series of snow emergencies — and it resulted in a lot of money pouring into the cities' coffers.

Earlier this month, the Pioneer Press reported that nearly 1,500 St. Paul drivers had been cited during the winter parking restrictions, while the average snow emergency this winter resulted in an additional "2,800 citations and 475 tows."

In Minneapolis, the numbers were similar.

By March, the city had towed over 2,700 cars, KARE 11 noted — and that was before the winter parking restrictions were enacted.

However, we aren't technically out of the woods. 

As Minneapolis soberly points out in its news release, winter parking restrictions may be ending, but "it is still possible to have additional Snow Emergencies."

Luckily, as of this writing, there's no snow on the horizon. Fingers crossed.

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