Two dogs bitten by black bears in separate incidents in Duluth

Police are reminding residents to protect their yards from the animals.
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Duluth residents are on alert after a pair of incidents involving black bear attacks on dogs.

On Friday, Duluth police announced that two dogs had been bitten by bears in separate incidents during the past week:

Both took place in the Duluth Heights neighborhood, which is just northwest of downtown.

Police are using the attacks to remind homeowners that they can take steps to keep bear encounters to a minimum.

"Protect yourself, your pets, and your property by securing food sources to make your yard less attractive to bears," the post says. 

A followup announcement says that although sightings of the animals are common in northland yards, "they don’t interact well with dogs."

Police also included a link to the DNR's "Living with Bears" guide, which includes an exhaustive list of what to do keep the animals away — and what to do if you find one in your yard.

This comes after a number of recent black bear incidents in Minnesota; in one case early last month, a 62-year-old woman was killed near her parents' cabin on an island on Rainy Lake, which straddles the Minnesota-Canada border.

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