Video: Driver films pileup on blizzard-stricken ghost highway in Minnesota

Even trains and a military "tank" got stuck in the snow.
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It's been well documented how this past weekend's blizzard stranded hundreds of motorists on drift-infested streets and highways, essentially shutting down the southern third of Minnesota. 

But more and more videos are revealing just how nasty Mother Nature's mood swing was. 

The latest comes from Houston Hewitt, who was driving along Hwy. 4 about five north of Hector around 6 a.m. Monday when he came upon a six-vehicle pileup.

Hewitt says the crash happened Sunday morning and he was simply driving by the remnants, which resembled a scene from "The Walking Dead" with cars damaged and abandoned in the middle of the highway. 

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Renville County was among the many in southern Minnesota that told people to stay off the roads Saturday night and all day Sunday, with travel conditions finally beginning to improve on Monday afternoon. 

That said, many roads remain closed, primarily in southeast Minnesota where the heaviest snow fell during the powerful winter storm. 

You can check the latest road conditions right here

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