Video: Passenger points gun at anti-Trump protesters blocking car

Minneapolis police say they've not received a complaint about it.

A video shared on Facebook shows the moment that anti-Trump protesters blocked a vehicle in downtown Minneapolis, and the front-seat passenger pulling out what appears to be a handgun.

The video uploaded to Facebook by Bryan Frank late Thursday night shows a group of protesters surrounding a silver station wagon trying to pass through crowds outside of Gluek's on North 6th Street.

Just as protesters started forming a chain in front of the vehicle, one of the two men in the front seat, both of whom were wearing red caps, pulled a gun out and pointed it towards the windshield.

Shouts and screams of "He's got a gun!" are then heard, as protesters moved out of the way and let the car through.

The accompanying Facebook post criticizes Minneapolis police for letting the car drive away without taking any action, but MPD spokesman John Elder says their officers were not made aware of the incident at the time.

As of Friday lunchtime, they have not received a complaint from the public either, so are not yet investigating it.

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"Had we had information that there was a vehicle with armed individuals inside, we would have stopped it," he said.

"We did stop some people who were in a vehicle and armed and they ended up being permit carriers and completely law abiding," he continued, but added that if officers had seen anyone pointing a gun at protesters, "they would be in jail right now."

There were minor clashes involving protesters and police following the Thursday rally, more on which you can read about here. There were also several instances of protesters blocking the vehicles of Trump supporters as they tried to exit downtown.

Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo said that while the protest was mostly peaceful, they had to deploy pepper spray after instances in which officers had bottles, rocks, and "objects containing liquid believed to be urine" thrown at them, while police horses were also assaulted "by protesters striking them with sticks."

Two people were arrested, for criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

Below is the video, and please be aware it features upsetting scenes and extreme language.

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