Video: Rochester police use Taser to bring down dangerous Chicago fugitive

The 25 year old had fled Chicago after removing his ankle bracelet.
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A fugitive from Chicago was arrested by Rochester police on Saturday, and the struggle to bring him down was caught on camera. 

Rochester Police Department's captain of investigations, Jon Sherwin, says 25-year-old Anthony Harris of Chicago had removed his ankle bracelet and fled Illinois. He was tracked down in Rochester after police received a report from a citizen. 

The arrest happened on the 1000 block of 3rd Avenue Southeast, hours after officers began looking for Harris. Sherwin said Harris resisted arrest and a struggle led to officers deploying a Taser to subdue him.

Body cameras were knocked off during the fight but a citizen captured most of it on his cell phone camera

Both officers suffered minor injuries, Sherwin said.

"A few bruises, scratch above the eye, one officer had two fingernails torn but neither missed worked or had to seek medical attention."

Sherwin tells Bring Me The News that "instructions on his warrant were that he had a previous murder conviction and to use caution as he had a history of violence and should be considered armed." 

The warrant was in connection to a stolen vehicle in Cook County, Illinois, and according to KTTC, he was awaiting legal proceedings for other criminal charges including homicide and armed robbery. 

Harris will face charges in Minnesota and be extradited back to Chicago. 

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