Watch: Coin flip decides Minnesota council race that ended in a tie

The Maplewood City Council race might go to a recount.
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Every vote counts in an election, and when the ballots were counted in a Maplewood City Council race, it resulted in a rare tie. 

The tie between council candidates Marylee Abrams, the incumbent, and Nikki Villavicencio, the challenger, was settled Tuesday night at a city council meeting with the flip of a coin. 

Under state law, votes that end in a tie need to be settled "by lot," which could be anything from a coin flip to drawing a name from a hat. The City of Maplewood decided to go with a coin flip, which the challenger Villavicencio won – and filmed

The coin's two sides featured images of Susan B. Anthony and an American Eagle. Villavicencio called the toss in the air and correctly predicted the Susan B. Anthony side would land facing up.

According to Villavicencio, Abrams plans to call for a recount. 

Both candidates, who were running for at-large seats on the city's ballot, received 5,755 votes in the Nov. 6 election, according to MPR

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