Watch: Dashcam footage shows police rescue of runaway school bus

The dramatic scenes unfolded in Yellow Medicine County on Wednesday.
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Police in Yellow Medicine County have released dramatic dashcam footage showing the Wednesday incident in which a runaway school bus went the wrong way down a Minnesota highway.

The videos shows the perspective from two squad cars, one of which went in front of the bus and took maneuvers to slow it down, as it drove at 40 mph on the wrong side of Hwy. 212 west of Granite Falls Wednesday lunchtime.

The sheriff's office says the driver of the school bus, 70-year-old Brian Fuller, of Renville, Minnesota, had a medical emergency and was taken to Granite Falls Hospital, where his condition is unknown.

Deputy Sheriff Eric Diekmann was in the squad in front of the bus, which had no passengers on board, and was able to get close enough to the bus to bump his brakes and slow it down.

As the vehicle slowed to a stop, Granite Falls Fireman Greg Meyer jumped out of his personal vehicle, opened the door and put the bus in park.

Meyer had helped police earlier by putting his flashers on to warn oncoming traffic, with police saying "his selfless actions made this very dangerous situation come to an end with nobody getting injured."

This video shows the chase and rescue from behind the school bus.

The video below was taken from Diekmann's squad car as he was slowing the car down. It shows the moment he overtook the bus as it traveled down the wrong side of the highway.

It also shows the many cars that were coming the opposite direction, which pulled onto the shoulder to avoid collision.

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