Watch: Dashcam video shows distracted driver slam into New Hope police car

The footage was released by the Minnesota DPS on Tuesday.
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State transportation officials have released dashcam footage showing the terrifying moment a distracted driver slammed into a New Hope police officer's squad car.

The incident happened earlier this year as Officer Tony Gust was crossing an intersection at 42nd Avenue and Boone Avenue after the light had turned green.

As he crossed, a silver sedan driven by a woman runs a red light, colliding into the back of Gust's vehicle, which was sent spinning into a white pickup. 

The driver later told police she was looking down to grab a drink at the time she ran the red light.

Fortunately neither Gust nor the distracted driver were injured in the collision, despite the extensive damage done in the crash.

Here's the footage of the crash.

"It still gets me every time seeing that [the video]," Gust said at a press conference on Tuesday. "It really is a shock having to relive and see that moment."

He said that the problem can be particularly bad on quiet city streets, where people think nothing of stopping at a "Stop" sign or a red light to send a text message.

"The message I want to end with, is we obviously shouldn't need laws like this, but obviously is something we need to focus on.

"Do not wait to take this seriously ... take the appropriate actions now to make yourself safe and free of distractions."

The Minnesota DPS said that over the last five years, distracted or inattentive driving contributed to one in five crashes a year, resulting in an average of 53 deaths a year and 221 serious injuries.

Texting citations meanwhile have more than tripled between 2012 and 2017, from 1,707 in 2012 to 7,357 last year.

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