Watch: Elizabeth Warren calls two of her Minnesota supporters

She thanked them for voting for her on Friday.
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A pair of Minnesotans who camped out overnight to be among the state's first early voters on Friday got quite the surprise for the effort: a call from their presidential candidate of choice. 

On Friday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren shared a video on Twitter of her calling the two to thank them for their votes, "the first votes in the state for me":

According to the video, the two voters (K. Davis Senseman and Jared) held vigil all night, in sub-zero temperatures, to make sure the first votes in Minneapolis were cast for the Massachusetts senator.

The video has gone far and wide on social media, receiving over five thousand likes and over a thousand shares.

Warren is one of a dozen candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination; current national polling shows her running third behind Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

Though early voting kicked off Friday in Minnesota, the state's 2020 primary — the first since the switch from the old caucus system after a number of issues in 2016 — is officially on March 3

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