Watch: Karin Housley tells President Trump to stop repeating Tina Smith's name

The Senate candidate told him they need to say 'Karin Housley' more.
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It's rare to see a Republican candidate admonish President Trump in public, but that's what happened in Rochester on Thursday night.

Senate candidate Karin Housley, who goes against Sen. Tina Smith in this November's election, delivered a mild but playful rebuke to Trump after he asked her to speak at his "Make America Great Again" rally.

The reason? Because he was saying Tina Smith's name more often than he was saying Housley's.

"He said Tina Smith way too many times, we need to say Karin Housley more!" Housley told the capacity crowd at the Mayo Civic Center, moments after telling the president: "You really do go off script!"

When Trump returned to the stage he granted her request, telling the rally: "Vote for her, vote for Karin," repeating this request towards the end of the event.

To be fair, it's not like Trump was saying anything particularly positive about Tina Smith. In fact, the first reference he made to her was: "Nobody knows who the hell she is!"

"I do this for a living and I've never heard of her," he said, adding: "There's no reason for me to have heard of her because she's never going to vote for us."

Trump said the same thing about Angie Craig, Rep. Jason Lewis' opponent in the 2nd Congressional District, telling the crowd: "Who the hell is Angie Craig?"

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Lewis spoke during the rally, pledging his support to Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh and predicting Donald Trump will carry the state in 2020, while 1st District candidate Jim Hagedorn criticized his opponent Dan Feehan for wanting "socialized medicine."

After praising Hagedon and Lewis, Trump also had nice things to say about Rep. Tom Emmer, House Speaker Kurt Daudt, and 8th District candidate Pete Stauber.

But one Minnesota name conspicuously absent from Trump's list was 3rd District Rep. Erik Paulsen, who has been seeking to distance himself from the president as he tries to hold on against DFL challenger Dean Philips.

There was also no mention of Jim Newberger, who is going up against Sen. Amy Klobuchar for her seat in November.

The president did however spend some time criticizing former senator Al Franken, who he referred to as a "wacky guy" and mocked his decision to resign so quickly after allegations of inappropriate conduct were made, noting that he folded "like a wet rag."

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