Watch: Keith Ellison and Jake Tapper in testy exchange over Louis Farrakhan

The Minnesota congressman was quizzed about his past association with Louis Farrakhan.
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Appearing on CNN to decry President Donald Trump's travel ban on several, predominantly Muslim nations, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison was not impressed when the interview took a turn.

The interviewer was leading CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who brought up Keith Ellison's past defense of Nation of Islam leader and known anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, suggesting there was an element of hypocrisy in his condemnation of the president.

Ellison had defended Farrakhan against accusations of anti-Semitism in writings from when he was in law school at the University of Minnesota, and also worked on the 1995 Million Man March that was itself called by Farrakhan.

But during his run for Congress in 2006, he renounced the Nation of Islam and was highly critical of Farrakhan's "bigoted and anti-Semitic ideas and statements."

He was less than impressed, then, that Tapper dredged up this past controversy surrounding Farrakhan, proceeding to reject claims made by the Nation of Islam leader that he had met with Ellison in 2016.

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He also said that a Washington Post fact-checking article, in which he had been given "4 Pinocchios" for failing to adequately prove he'd had no relationship with Farrakhan since 2006, was wrong.

Ellison goes on to accuse Tapper of false equivalency, by trying to link his past links with Farrakhan to the very present actions taken by President Trump, that Ellison says is an example of bigotry in action.

You can see their exchange in the two tweets below, courtesy of CNN and Think Progress' Aaron Rupar.

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