Watch: Near wreck on I-394 as man tries to rescue stranded bird

It's illegal to stop your vehicle on a freeway for a non-emergency.
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A man on a mission to rescue a bird stranded on Interstate 394 earlier this month nearly caused a multi-vehicle crash by walking through lanes of traffic. 

In a video shared by the Minnesota State Patrol, the driver stops his vehicle at an off-ramp and proceeds to wave his arms at oncoming vehicles in an effort to get them to stop so he could cross three lanes of freeway to reach the bird. 

It happened the morning of Aug. 2 on eastbound I-394 near Carlson Parkway, and when the man reached the bird, it ran away from him anyway.

"Animals are cute and we understand the desire to want to help them off the highway or interstate," says the State Patrol. "But this video is a perfect example of why doing that is a bad idea."

Tips from the State Patrol if you see an animal on the road: 

  • It's illegal to stop your vehicle on the highway/interstate for a non-emergency. 
  • Walking across the highway/interstate puts you and motorists at risk. 
  • Call 911 and report the animal. 

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