Watch: Protesters flee as police fire tear gas in south Minneapolis

Chaotic scenes in south Minneapolis as police and protesters clashed.
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Clashes between police and people protesting the death of George Floyd escalated on Tuesday evening, with police deploying tear gas on multiple occasions as the demonstration turned heated.

A standoff emerged in the area around the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct at Hiawatha and Lake, with police deploying tear gas and firing rubber bullets at locations including the Target store on Lake Street.

It comes after the protest that started at 38th and Chicago escalated as police arrived at the scene, with protesters throwing projectiles at squad cars and damaging property at the 3rd Precinct.

Adjacent to the 3rd Precinct, video shared with BMTN by Andy Swenson showed the scenes that unfolded as officers wearing riot gear and gas masks released tear gas, with protesters fleeing across a parking lot.

There have been reported of several people being struck with rubber bullets and marking rounds, among them Star Tribune reporter Andy Mannix, who says he was struck in the thigh by a rubber bullet.

Images shared by Swenson also show some of the damage inflicted on police squad card by protesters. Swenson says those standing on top of the cars were trying to get people to stop using violence.

Earlier, video from WCCO showed that some protesters had managed to break into the 3rd Precinct parking lot.

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