Watch: Scary moment driver loses control on icy I-94, hits State Patrol squad

Drive to the conditions, people.
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It happens every year, when the snow and ice hit the roads and some people don't think they need to modify their driving.

It happened at the northbound entrance to the Lowry Hill Tunnel in Minneapolis last Sunday, Jan. 13, with video shared on Monday by the Minnesota Sheriff's Association.

While the state trooper attended the scene of a crash, the driver of a light-colored sedan appears in the bottom right of the video clearly driving too fast.

They lose control as they come up behind a slower-moving vehicle, before sliding on the ice across the highway, striking the squad car.

The incident happened around 11 p.m., and fortunately there weren't any serious injuries as a result.

This weekend saw heavy snow fall across Minnesota, with the State Patrol responding to more than 1,000 crashes and spinouts over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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