Watch: State trooper blown over by wind gust in southern Minnesota

He was directing traffic around a jack-knifed semi at the time.
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There's no way to sugarcoat this: Thursday's weather has been horrific.

We've had snow, sleet, freezing rain, and hail, all topped off with 50mph winds that has made being outside miserable.

It's also been horrendous on the roads too, as evidence by the video below showing what happened when a Minnesota State Trooper got caught up in a sudden gust of wind.

Directing traffic around a jackknifed semi at Hwy. 86 and I-90 west of Jackson on Thursday morning , the trooper found himself slipping and sliding as he was pushed across the road by the wind.

It ended up with an unfortunate fall, but thankfully he wasn't badly hurt. It's nonetheless a reminder of how treacherous the winds have been in Minnesota.

You can read here how the wind has brought down countless power lines across southern Minnesota, causing thousands of people to lose power to their homes.

As for the roads, the State Patrol says it was called to 112 crashes – 12 with injury – as well as 163 vehicle spinouts and 10 jackknifed semis.

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