Water tower overflows in White Bear Township, other reports of water main breaks around the metro

Brutal cold is taking its toll on Minnesotans.
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Roads covered in ice in White Bear Township. 

Roads covered in ice in White Bear Township. 

A water tower in White Bear Township overflowed early Wednesday morning and left the roads covered in thick ice. 

Township officials say the water tower's pipes froze, and the overflowing water impacted several roads nearby: Birch Knoll Drive, Martin Way, Randy Avenue, Portland Avenue, Lakewood Avenue to Stacker Place and a part of Arbor Drive at County Road F. 

County Road F is closed from Bellaire Avenue to East County Line Road until further notice. City workers are currently clearing ice from driveways in the impacted area.

White Bear Township isn't the only metro area location suffering from frozen pipe problems. 

A water main break flooded roads near the Walmart, Target and Aldi in Forest Lake on Tuesday, and crews spent more than a dozen hours working to clear that ice. 

Flooded roads from a water main break in Forest Lake on Tuesday. 

Flooded roads from a water main break in Forest Lake on Tuesday. 

A Public Works official from Richfield told Bring Me The News that there was a water main break near 76th Street and Sherida Avenue early Wednesday morning, and their city offices have received more than 20 calls from residents with broken water pipes from the extreme cold. 

"Water pipes located near an outside wall or in an old well room are the most at risk of freezing," city officials said in a Facebook post. "Keep a door open in these areas to allow some heat to reach your water meter and pipes. This is most important at night when no water is being used." 

Pipes are most vulnerable to freeze overnight when temps are colder and less water is being used. 

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