Wave of 'smash and grab crimes' hitting cars in Eden Prairie

Local police are warning shoppers to keep their valuables out of sight.
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Police in Eden Prairie are telling residents to be wary of "smash and grab crimes" amid a wave of brazen thefts targeting unattended cars.

In a Facebook announcement posted this week, the police department says they have responded to "23 reports of tampers of vehicles from cars parked at restaurants, parks, daycares, schools and commercial parking lots" since September 1:

Describing the thefts as "crimes of opportunity," police added that the thieves are "smashing windows and taking items such as backpacks, laptops and purses."

And with the holiday shopping season ramping up, authorities are warning shoppers to be extra vigilant with their valuables; using a mall locker is one suggestion, and keeping items in the trunk is another. 

It's good to be a bit watchful during the holidays anyway. According to a report from VICE, theft tends to go up this time of year, with personal larceny "about 22 percent higher in December than on average."

Anyone with information should contact the Eden Prairie Police Department at 952-949-6200 or submit an anonymous tip at Crime Stoppers of Minnesota. 

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