WCCO, FOX 9 journalists shot at by police during Minneapolis protests

Rubber bullets and tear gas were fired in their direction.

Unrest in Minneapolis has led to a much stronger police presence Saturday night. As soon as the 8 p.m. citywide curfew struck, law enforcement began pressing the issue to scatter protesters and send people home. 

During the aggressive enforcement, TV crews from WCCO-TV and FOX 9 took fire in the form of tear gas and rubber bullets. 

WCCO-TV was live on-air when reporter Jeff Wagner and the camera crew had to scatter as tear gas was launched into their vicinity. 

Minutes later, sports reporter Mike Max, who has been reporting from the protests the last two nights. was live when rubber bullets began whizzing by. 

Just moments before Max and the WCCO crew took off running, Max was live when viewers could hear Max speak of another unidentified journalist who was hit by a rubber bullet, with people in the area calling for a medic. 

WCCO says that one of its photographers was arrested by police, and it's legal team is working to get them released.

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At about the same time, FOX 9's reporting crew took fire from rubber bullets, with live footage revealing a cracked windshield from what is believed to have been a rubber bullet hitting the station vehicle. 

"Please go home, they mean business, our crew just got two rubber bullets to the car. They are OK. And they are allowed to be there," tweeted FOX 9 anchor Amy Hockert. 

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