What did Bernie Sanders say at his Minneapolis rally?

He was joined by Rep. Ilhan Omar at the Williams Arena.
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Bernie Sanders, one of the leading names in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, rallied before thousands of supporters in Minneapolis on Sunday evening.

The Vermont senator's rally was moved to the Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota campus due to high demand, with the event originally scheduled for the much smaller Northrop Auditorium.

And fans of the Democratic Socialist arrived in their droves, filling the lower bowl at the arena and parts of the upper deck.

Sanders' speech lasted more than an hour, and saw him touch on some of his key campaign pledges, among them the introduction of a single-payer healthcare system, with Americans getting healthcare free at the point of service, thus no longer requiring health insurance.

"We must be willing to fight for the 50 percent of American families who live paycheck to paycheck," he said.

He also called for an end to the "cycle of crippling debt for college students who've graduated with huge student loans," calling for the government to cancel its student loan debt, as well as pushing his proposal for free state college tuition, and a $15 minimum wage.

The senator intends to fund his pledges via progressive taxation particularly on the wealthy, as he told the "corporate elite" that under his administration they will "begin to pay [their] fair share."

"Unlike Trump and his billionaire friends, we do not worship greed, selfishness, and corruption," he said.

Some of his sternest comments he reserved for President Donald Trump, calling him a "a president who deserves to be impeached and will be impeached."

Sanders was joined at the event by Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has endorsed Sanders and has been the regular target attacks from the president and right-wing politicians and pundits.

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Referring to themselves as "an odd political couple," Sanders defended Omar against the attacks she's endured, saying no member of Congress "has been subjected to more vitriolic, more hate-filled, more racist attacks from Donald Trump and some of his supporters than this extraordinarily brave congresswoman."

Omar entered the event on Sunday having been under pressure for only marking herself "present" for a vote that recognized genocide in Armenia at the hands of Ottoman Turks between 1915-17

She said at the time that she believes there should be accountability for all genocides and ethnic cleansing, including the slave trade and the mass killings of Native Americans.

On Sunday, Rep. Omar said that recognizing genocide shouldn't be about "punishing our political foes," in this case Turkey following its incursion into Kurdish-held areas of Syria, but rather about "leading within a moral obligation."

The evening got underway with some music from former Prince collaborators, the New Power Generation.

In response to Sanders' visit to Minneapolis, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee said: "With more than a $126 trillion in proposed policies, Minnesotans know that Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar’s plans for the country will guarantee fewer jobs, lower wages, and less opportunity for their families."

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