What did President Trump say during his Minneapolis rally?

A lot about Mpls Mayor Jacob Frey and Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Though he talked about the Ukraine controversy, impeachment, and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, President Donald Trump had plenty to say about Minneapolis politics in his visit here Thursday night.

And it was a hit with the crowd.

Trump took special aim at Rep. Ilhan Omar (who represents Minnesota's 5th District, which covers Minneapolis), calling her a part of the "radical left" now controlling the Democratic Party.

"How the hell did that ever happen?" he asked the crowd, referring to Omar's election to Congress.

For that, he seemed to joke, "I'm very angry at you people right now." 

Calling her an "America-hating socialist," he accused Omar of writing "anti-semitic screeds."

He also brought up unsubstantiated rumors regarding her previous marriage and entry into the U.S., and said "she is a disgrace to our country."

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey did not escape the president's attacks, with Trump telling the crowd "you've got a rotten mayor."

This comes in the wake of a public feud between the president and the mayor over the latter's attempt to collect rally costs from the Trump campaign up front. 

When the issue of immigration came up, Trump referred to the local Somali population, and promised to give local governments greater say in vetting immigrants and refugees.

He did have plenty positive to say about Minneapolis and Minnesota, however. Receiving particular praise was Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis police union.

Kroll, who recently appeared on Fox News criticizing Frey over the "Cops for Trumps" T-shirt controversy, was brought up on stage with several other officers to warm applause. 

"I think your very weak mayor made a mistake when he took them on," Trump said of the group.

Before concluding his speech, Trump vowed to restore life to Minnesota's Iron Range, mentioning opening up the region's mines again:

In response to Trump's speech, Minnesota DFL chairman Ken Martin said: "Tonight Donald Trump’s rally was all about Donald Trump , just like his Presidency.

"No talk about policy, no talk about his vision for America, no talk about what he would do to improve the lives of Americans. Just a bunch of attacks, deflection, and stroking the egos of the blindly-loyal Republican elected officials and candidates who have clearly put their oath to Trump ahead of the oath they took to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

"To paraphrase the late great Molly Ivins: Trump’s speech tonight was much better in the original German."

You can watch the speech in its entirety in the video below:

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