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Wisconsin drunk driver made license plates out of Hamm's beer box

A+ for the painting skills, but an F for decision-making.
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We've all heard of "whisky plates" that certain drunk-driving offenders have to display on their vehicles, but "beer plates" is a first. 

According to the Chippewa Falls Police Department in western Wisconsin, a motorist was arrested last weekend for a fourth offense of Operating While Intoxicated. 

But this wasn't a typical drunk-driving arrest. Police looked up the registration tabs on the offender's license plates and found that they didn't match the vehicle. In fact, they weren't aluminum license plates at all. They were hand-painted on the back of a case of Hamm's beer, according to KTTC

"Upon inspection, the plates were not real plates at all................Maybe they are legal in the THE LAND OF SKY BLUE WATERS just not here in Chippewa Falls!!" the police department wrote in a Facebook post, with an officer revealing the Hamm's beer logo on the reverse side of the plates. 

Hamm's, no longer an independent brewery, had its flagship brewery in St. Paul, and the company's advertising jingle for radio and TV commercials featured the song "From The Land of Sky-Blue Water." 

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