Woman, 19, charged with using stolen Jeep at 100 mph to try to kill police officer

She drove at 100 mph at the officer, who had to leap out of the way.
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Tabitha sigler

A 19-year-old woman has been charged with the 1st-degree attempted murder of a police officer, after she aimed a stolen Jeep at him while traveling at 100 mph.

The shocking incident happened on I-494 in the southeast Twin Cities metro just before 7 a.m. on Apr. 20, after a white Jeep was stolen when the owner left it running while they were inside a convenience store.

The alleged thief was Tabitha Sigler, 19, of Cambridge, Minnesota, who fled police through the streets of South St. Paul before heading onto eastbound I-494.

In an attempt to stop the pursuit, an Inver Grove Heights police officer tried to deploy stop sticks on the interstate.

But as he tried to pull them across the lanes, the Jeep "drove at him, swerving directly at him at approximately 100 mph in an attempt to strike him."

Further review of surveillance footage determined this was an intentional attempt to hit the officer, who had to jump over the interstate median to get out of the way and fortunately wasn't hurt.

As Sigler turned the Jeep onto Hwy. 52, her speeds reached up to 120 mph, and at one point she swerved into oncoming traffic that forced other drivers into evasive action.

Police eventually lost track of the Jeep, but came across it again a short time later as it had crashed into several vehicles, one of them occupied and several of them parked.

Sigler then attempted to flee on foot, but was soon caught and arrested by an officer.

She twice tried to give police a false name of "Abby Scott" and "Abby Keller," before admitting her real name, telling police she lied because she had a warrant out.

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Sigler told police that before the theft she'd ingested a bag of meth and heroin. Police took blood samples that are currently undergoing tests.

The previous warrant out for Sigler was been for 5th-degree controlled substances and misdemeanor theft of services.

She is now facing a charge of 1st-degree attempted murder of a peace officer, which carries a 20-year maximum sentence, as well as counts of giving false information to police, fleeing police, theft, and 2nd-degree assault.

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