Woman convicted of killing trucker for Minnesota company at Iowa rest stop

The 44-year-old shot the victim four times in the head.
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Mariana Lesnic

A woman has been convicted of murdering a driver for a Minnesota trucking company at a rest stop in Iowa.

Mariana Lesnic, 44, was found guilty this week of the first-degree murder of Ernest Kummer, 60, of Monroe, Iowa.

She shot Kummer four times in the head while he slept inside his truck cab almost a year ago, Sept. 6, 2017, at a rest stop on Interstate 80 near Victor.

Kummer was a driver for Fridley-based company Copeland Trucking, for whom he had worked since 2010.

During the court hearing, The Gazette reports Lesnic had been hitchhiking through Iowa when she met Kummer two months before his death.

She admitted fatally shooting him at point blank range, but claims he wanted to have a sexual relationship with her, which she was not willing to do, saying he was too old for her.

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She also claims he threatened her with guns in the time they knew each other.

The Iowa Press-Citizen reports that a jury took just 50 minutes to convict her of first degree murder on Thursday, 

The newspaper notes that Lesnic, a U.S. citizen who is originally from Moldova, represented herself during court proceedings, but struggled at times with court proceedings and presenting her defense.

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