Woman dies at St. Paul home, husband arrested

Police were initially called to a house fire, but found a dead woman instead.
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St. Paul police are dealing with the city's third homicide this week, with a woman found dead in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood on Saturday.

Police were initially called along with firefighters to the house on Payne Avenue around 10 a.m. to reports of a fire.

When they got there, they didn't find a fire, but they did find a woman who was gravely injured. She was pronounced dead at the scene by fire medics.

They also found a 59-year-old man in the house who was later identified s her husband.

He was arrested about two hours late on suspicion of murder and is currently being held in Ramsey County Jail.

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The victim's identity hasn't yet been released, nor has her cause of death.

She is the third person killed this week in St. Paul. A 21-year-old man was shot dead on Sunday, Aug. 12, with a 26-year-old man shot dead on Thursday afternoon.

The Violence Policy Center says that nearly three women are killed every day i the U.S. by current or former romantic partners, based on Bureau of Justice Statistics.

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