Woman shares letter she got from delivery driver who stole her cat

A Carver County woman said she is hoping to help prevent possible future thefts.
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A Carver County woman is still looking for her cat after it was stolen from a delivery driver in October.

Heidi Dalbec announced a $2,000 reward last month for information leading to the discovery of her cat, Dot.

On Oct. 10, Dot was stolen from a house on the 2600 block of County Road 127 in the Watertown Township. Dalbec said a delivery driver came up to her home and “appeared to take an interest” in Dot.

The driver has since been identified as Byron Vieau, 23, who has been charged with misdemeanor theft and animal abandonment.

Dalbec has posted a letter from Vieau on Facebook, in which the driver admits to taking Dot and later releasing him. Vieau expresses regret for taking the cat. 

"I am a HUGE animal lover and only wanted a pet of my own. It wasn't meant to hurt anyone. I'm so embarrassed," the letter reads. 

A surveillance video also shows Vieau playing with Dot before walking away. Vieau eventually released Dot outside of Watertown. 

According to Dalbec’s post, Vieau had at first lied about taking Dot before eventually confessing, and Dalbec still doesn't believe his version of events.

"Byron lied to me 2x immediately after Dot was stolen, he lied to police the next day, I feel he is still lying about what he did to Dot. In my world this is such an unnecessary tragedy and I wish this upon nobody!"

Dalbec said she hopes to bring attention to the issue to prevent other possible thefts.

“Just want everyone to be aware. My apologies if this hurts anyone BUT I strongly feel it is my responsibility to share this information with the community,” she wrote.

Dot is black and white, long-haired and weighed 14 pounds at the time he was taken. 

Anyone with information about Dot's whereabouts should contact the Carver County Sheriff's Office at 952-361-1212.

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