Wyoming Police Department finds 'crude homemade IED' in the middle of a road

They shared an image of the device over the weekend.
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Police in Wyoming, Minnesota, discovered a homemade explosive device in the middle of a road over the weekend.

The Wyoming Police Department shared a photo of the item, describing it as a "crude homemade IED," improvised explosive device. "They are lucky someone or themselves weren’t injured as a result," the department added.

From the image, it looks to be a couple aerosol cans and some fireworks taped together.

While the department didn't share the location where it was found, a Facebook reply suggested it might have been Viking Boulevard by Polaris, as that had been shut down Saturday evening.

Wyoming PD said someone tried to ignite the device. After finding it, the department called in the St. Paul bomb squad to help safely dismantle and neutralize it.

One tweeter said it was probably kids screwing around who got scared and ran off when the device didn't explode, and noting where the device was found suggests "they were not trying to harm anyone." 

Wyoming PD was not having any of that theory. 

"I mean pretty sure in the middle of a roadway increases the likelihood of someone potentially being present to be harmed," the department responded.

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