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Yes, you can use mortgage documents as proof of address when registering to vote

Some election judges took issue when voters tried to cast their ballot on Tuesday.
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Here's why it's important to know your voting rights before you cast your ballots.

Emy Farley tells Bring Me The News that she went to register to vote on Tuesday at Rejoice! Lutheran Church in Dundas before casting her ballot in the Minnesota primary, taking with her photo ID and a mortgage document as proof of address.

But an election judge at the polling place told her that the proof of address document "had to be a piece of mail and that mortgage documents weren't allowed."

This is contrary to the Minnesota Secretary of State's guidelines, which say "rent or mortgage" documents are approved documents for proving a voter's current address, as are residential lease agreements.

Farley noticed another couple were having trouble with the documents they were using to register – turns out they, too, had been told they couldn't use mortgage documents.

"I told them that the Secretary of State's website, and the poster on their wall, said that they were [acceptable as proof of address]," Farley told BMTN.

"One judge walked over to check the poster and said 'Huh - you can use mortgage documents!' Another judge said "No you can't, it's not in the book.'"

Eventually one of the judges looked it up on the Minnesota Secretary of State's website, and Farley was allowed to vote, as were the other couple trying to use them.

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The incident serves as a reminder for voters to be aware of your rights before going to vote, Farley says.

"Even if you don't need to register on election day, please make sure you have read up on voting regulations," she said. "You might be the person who makes sure someone else gets to vote."

She now says she's looking to become part of the solution, having submitted an interest form to be an election judge in Rice County for this November's mid-terms.

You can read up on the Secretary of State's guide on how to register to vote on election day here.

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