YouTubers attract law enforcement after jumping jet ski over road in northwest Minnesota

They jumped a jet ski over a road in northwest Minnesota.

A group of YouTubers were ticketed in northwest Minnesota after filming a jet ski stunt in Clay County. 

The Miinnesota-based YouTubers, known as CboysTV, built a makeshift ramp and drove a jet ski at a high rate of speed up it, launching the watercraft and its driver over a dirt road separated by ponds. 

The stunt driver was thrown into the water but walked away mostly fine, admitting at the end of the video – which has more than 275,000 views – that his leg was sore. 

At one point in the video a man asks what the logic of the stunt is.

"If you try hard enough you can't fail, so we're trying," a member of group says. 

According to their website, all members of CboysTV grew up in the Cormorant Lakes area and have built their following to more than 400,000 fans on Youtube. The C in CboysTV stands for Cormorant. 

The group received a citation the day of the stunt, but KFGO reports that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) sent an incident report to the Clay County Attorney's Office, and that report is being considered for possible charges. 

"Throughout all of this, law enforcement seemed pretty adamant that we would be receiving some sort of ticket. But at this point the situation seems to be at a bit of a stand still. Hopefully we can find out more soon," The CboysTV team said in a statement to Bring Me The News. 

BMTN has reached out to the DNR, Clay County Sheriff's Office and the Clay County Attorney's Office for comment. We'll update the story if any of the agencies respond. 

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